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We offer complete custom restoration for any home, outdoor, business, or industrial furniture. We specialize in antique, and vintage furnishings. We also offer completely new custom mid-century design furniture, built here in California, with materials made here in the U.S.A.; and design consultation (if needed).


We Offer Custom Built Furniture

We started off as a re-upholstery shop, happily resurrecting your old antiques and vintage pieces; but over the years of providing service to our community, the majority of work the community would bring to us would be of poor-quality furnishings. These days, it has become convenient for us to go to a large chain store to purchase our home furnishings. Most of us–if not all of us–have experienced first hand the poor-quality, and the lack of longevity in furniture bought from such a place. We have come to realize, more than ever, how we personally do not feel that it is worth any of your hard-earned money to put life back into a poorly designed and built piece of furniture. We understand that the cost for quality can get a bit high, but we also understand how quality made products can have an impact on our everyday lives.

We offer custom built mid-century design furniture, made to order. We have designed two sets of furniture with materials made here in the U.S.A. These two sets are similar builds, but have different finishes such as arms, cushions, pillows, buttons, etc. A set includes: a sofa, a love-seat, and a chair. A complete set is offered as a package deal, but each piece is available for separate purchase. These sets are completely hand built with high quality materials that may last you for decades of comfort. It is in the past's moral standards by which we are encouraged to build these finer quality furnishings. It gives us great pleasure, and an overall sense that we are improving the quality of everyday life, by offering you the best quality built furniture for a fair price we can guarantee. Please consider upgrading the quality of your home furnishings, not only will it last you much longer, but it will save you money, and it will keep you from visiting the dump to throw away your not-so-old furniture every 3-8 years.

Don't get us wrong, if you have an antique or a vintage piece, we would highly encourage you (as long as it's not completely rotten) to let us help you revitalize it.

* We offer pick-up and delivery. *


Stylon Fine Custom Upholstery

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